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Powerseller Guides

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Powerseller Guides

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Online auctions are HOT - Start Your Own Online Auction Business!

There is no other opportunity that allows everyone the ability to play on an equal playing ground, whether you are just looking to make a few extra bucks a week to pay the babysitter or if you hope to earn a full time income! If you have access to a computer and the Internet, then you can start a new career today!!

The website sells a massive collection of Auction Tips and Tricks to make anyone a Powerseller.

Website Features:

  • Flash Animated PHP Website
  • Super Easy installatiion
  • 100% Paypal integrated
  • Testimonials
  • Google Adsense integrated
  • Tell-A-Friend Feature
  • Bookmark This Website Feature
  • A sample of Ebay tips page
Have A Look at What You will Receive in this Super Auction Success Package :
1. AUCTION EXPLOSION Get Bids Even When Bidding is Bad! Maria says "I started selling on eBay approximately 3 years ago. When I first became an eBay seller, items sold like crazy. Over the past year, I saw that items were not bringing as many bids as they used to, and decided to figure out a way to ensure that I always had a best selling product rather bidding times were bad or not." She shares her secrets of success with you in this brand new ebook!
2. AUCTION HINTS In 2000 the original Auction Hints was a HUGE hit. In the new version Jim Wilson tells everything he has learned since he wrote the first version and in addition he has updated all of those rule changes EBay? instituted. Add to this the new software we placed right in the Ebook for download and with this one resource you have enough to get you started on the road to EBay? success.
3. AUCTION SECRETS REVEALEDWant to make more money with your auctions? Decrease the amount of time you spend listing your auctions? Decrease the amount of time you spend filling orders? Want to know the best products to sell? Tips and tricks on how to make your ads look better? When to list and end your auction? How to get people to LOOK at them?
4. AUCTION SOURCES EXPOSED Turn eBay into a 24/7 Cash Generating Machine! The Last Point-and-Click Wholesale Source Directory You will Ever Need!
5. JIM WILSONS EBAY SECRETS The transcript of a two hour interview in which all of Jims eBay business secrets are revealed. How he got started, where he get his products and how he allowed his business to grow. It is all in here.

6. EBAY MARKETING SECRETS eBay Marketing Secrets E-Course
Written by an accomplished eBay seller, this eBook is full of information for beginners to eBay and other online auctions.

7. HOW TO GET BIDS LIKE CRAZYThis eBook written by an experienced and successful online marketer is full of excellent information to help you get more bids on your online auctions!
8. ONE MILLION ITEMS WHOLESALE Have you ever gone into a flea market or browsed the online actions and wanted to sell these items yourself but didn not know where to get them? Then look no further! This eBook will guide you to companies on the internet to help you find the products you want!
9. POWER SELLER SECRETSGet the private success secrets of 25 eBay Power Sellers --Secrets that they are using every day to make big dollar money from eBay.
10. USING NLP ON EBAY Would you like to hypnotize your potential bidders into purchasing your items? I am sure you do, we all do and now you can with NLP! You must realize that you are not the only one trying to make a profit on eBay. Many people have turned eBay into there careers. Its a constant fight for the customers attention and ultimately their bid. Now you can have one advantage over most other sellers that will produce results you never dreamed possible!!
11. AUTOMATED EBAY SALESFind out how to sell more on eBay while saving time. You will find organization tips to creative auction links in this handy lil ebook!
12. THE EBAY REPORTS A step by step approach and a strategy to apply to virtually any product on ebay, the specifics are related to your own niche market interest and merchandise. With over 1000 categories, you can sell anything on eBay, choosing what to sell is one of the most important considerations.
13. AUCTION PROPHET In this ebook you will learn the tips & tricks you need to be a success in the online auction game! You will learn:
  • Best times to post auctions!
  • Secrets of feedback!
  • & more!
14. HOW TO INCREASE AUCTION PROFITS In This eBook you will learn 10 effective ways to reduce your business costs, 12 ways to create an order-pulling niche, 10 ways text can impact your readers buying decision, 10 mind altering words that make people buy, 10 motivational triggers that make people buy, 10 tips for writing a profit producing Ad, and much much more!!
15. EBAY AUCTION AIDWritten by 6 year veteran eBay Power Seller, Robbin Tungett of Virtual Notions, Inc. has helped over 30,000 online sellers over the past 6 years! One of the best selling Ebooks offered regarding online auctions.
16. AUTOMATED EBAY SALESTid Bits of useful auction information from many different successful auction sellers such as Robbin K. Tungett, Barbara Ling, Gary Hendrickson, George Chapin, Jim Cockrum, Jim Kaiser, Jim Wilson, Karol Gajda, Neil Bartlett, Ricky Allen, Scott D. Prock, John Reese, Louis Allport, Skip McGrath and Sydney Johnston. Each of them jumped at the chance to share their knowledge with you... and all for FREE!

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